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Smile Gallery

These are examples of recent treatments and ‘before and after’ photographs.

Case 1: Smile Makeover – Crowns/veneers upper teeth

With new Inspire Dental crowns and veneers on her upper teeth, this patient can now smile with confidence again.

Case 2: Composite Fillings placed at inspire in 2 back teeth

Unhappy with the look of your silver fillings? Transform your appearance by replacing them with tooth coloured fillings at Inspire

Case 3: Composite fillings replaced in front teeth

Tired of those old chipped and stained front fillings? Have us tidy them up, so you can smile again…

Case 4: Single tooth crown provided for broken upper premolar, at Inspire Dental

For very broken down teeth or fillings which keep breaking, Inspire can provide a custom made crown to maximise tooth lifespan and blend in with your other teeth.

Case 5: Realistic tooth coloured (composite) fillings in 3 molar teeth

Subtle staining was added to enhance the appearance and match neighbouring teeth.