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Safeguarding Shinty’s Smiles

by InspireDental, on 15th September 2014 | Comments Off on Safeguarding Shinty’s Smiles

Inspire Dental were recently featured on the front page of the Strathspey & Badenoch Herald. Below is the article.

Badenoch Shinty stars get ‘insurance policy’ for their teeth.

A highland dental firm is safeguarding the health of Shinty’s Old Firm by offering players a pre-Cup final ‘insurance policy’ for their teeth. The Gaelic stick game of Shinty is a contact sport and has the reputa-tion of being an all-action, high adrenaline game for hardy highland-ers. Indeed, it is not uncommon for the odd tooth to be lost courtesy of a wayward swing of an opponent’s caman.

Acknowledging this, Kingussie company Inspire Dental has stepped in to prevent Newtonmore and Kingussie players losing their precious crowns in forthcoming Cup finals. Newtonmore face Kyles in the Macaulay Cup final this Saturday while Kingussie are in the televised Camanachd Cup final on Septem-ber 13th.

The company has purchased specialist equipment and are now work-ing to finish the last of 28 customised gum-shields for the players ahead of their respective big games. An impression of each player’s mouth has been taken and special shields have been cast and trimmed, with some choosing their club colours as the gum part.

Inspire Dental Principal Dentist Bert Hay felt this was the perfect way to put something back into the local community clubs ahead, of their big matches.

“From a dentist’s perspective, Shinty throws up some of the most interesting dental injuries you’re likely to see. I’ve seen a number of players and past players over the years and that is why we thought this would be a good idea.

“Although a lot of the young ones wear them, it is not so prevalent amongst the senior players. Perhaps there is a bit of bravado there but, more probably, when they take the field, tactics are more im-portant than their teeth.

“By doing this, we hope both Newtonmore and Kingussie come back with the trophies and the best smiles in Shinty.”

Inspire staff have been working out of normal surgery hours to com-plete the gum shields in time for the big fixtures. At a cost of £75 per shield, the firm’s backing has been worth over £2000 to the Badenoch clubs.

Newtonmore player Jamie Robinson said: “It’s great what Inspire Dental have done and it’s appreciated. I remember our defender Nor-man Campbell sustained a bad jaw injury a few years ago so this step is common sense and I think a lot more players will look at it now.”

Kingussie player Darren Hanlon agrees: “Wearing head protection is now compulsory for U-17s in the sport. It seems sensible to have teeth protection as well.”