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We offer optional membership schemes within the practice through Highland Dental Plan.

Highland Dental Plan provides a range of private dental care plans to suit your specific requirements.

It offers the opportunity to budget for your routine dental care and treatment with affordable monthly payment options.

Included is a dental insurance for all plan patients which provides cover for worldwide emergency treatment, evening, weekend and bank holiday call out fees, treatment following dental injury, hospital benefits and oral cancer diagnosis.

Plans start from as little as £15 per month

hdpTo encourage family membership, discounts of up to 15% are available off the cost of Highland dental care plan.

We offer two plan options for adults,


This is a private payment plan to cover routine dental treatment covering all treatment. You can choose to pay monthly or annually by direct debit. The plan includes examinations, x-rays, fillings, root-fillings and two hygiene visits yearly. Any treatment that is required to preserve the patient’s oral health is covered automatically. Cosmetic treatment, orthodontics and dental implants are not included in this plan.


This includes provision of two examinations yearly, up to four hygiene appointments per year (dependent on band category) and all x-rays required as part of the examination, assessment of emergencies and dental pain. Orthodontics and dental implants are not included in this plan.

Dental Accident and Emergency Assistance Scheme

In addition to regular routine care, Independent Care Plans U.K. Limited provides you with dental accident and emergency cover. This policy covers emergency treatment by any dentist worldwide. It also ensures that if an accident results in damage to your teeth then the costs of reparative treatment will be covered (within the limits of the policy). A premium is collected annually or monthly alongside your Dental Plan Payment to provide this essential benefit.